Our New Website Receiving Great Feedback

Just like the build trade, the internet from time to time, develops with new technologies, fashions and trends.  At Moore Building Services we love to keep up-to-date with anything we do and have, therefore, recently invested in a nice new website – which you are currently looking at.

Our new website is ‘responsive’.  This means it is compatible with a range of devices.  If you’re viewing our website on a mobile phone, the site will automatically adjust to display in a way which best fits your device.  The same goes for PCs, laptops and tablets, such as iPads.

If you rotate your handheld device you’ll notice the site will change from portrait display to landscape automatically.  This enables any of or customers and prospective customers to get the best from our website.

On top of this our new design is ultra-modern and we feel it looks great.  Feedback from family, friends and customers has all been positive and we have received great reviews.

If you’re looking for a website we would highly recommend Ashford Web Services as they done a grand job building ours, making it come up on the first page of Google, and their prices are very reasonable.

Keep an eye on the news page for regular updates about what we’re up to and any developments in the building industry.  We’ll also advertise any special offers we’re running here.